Karatedo Doshinkan

– For informations about trainings please see “Kyuhonbu Dojo Vienna” and “Events”.

Under the Guidance of Hanshi 10 Dan Masako Fujimoto-Stock

– Hanshi 10 Dan Nobuo Ichikawa passed away March 6th, 2019. Some time before his death he chose Shihan Masako Fujimoto-Stock as his successor as Hanshi 10 Dan. Recieving the red belt in a ceremony on March 31st 2019 she became the new head of Karatedo Doshinkan –

Karatedo is a martial art in which a person learns to defend himself or herself. As an art, it goes beyond the fighting aspect into all areas of life. It promotes good health, inner tranquillity, and brings balance to one’s life in general. It deepens the ability to concentrate and creates an open awareness of one´s environment.

Karatedo Doshinkan offers each person a space for continuous individual development. There are no competitions or sparring matches.

Every class may have a different focus. Elements of the classes include: basic movements of attack and defense, kata, partner training, stretching, conditioning, training with weapons, throwing and falling, etc.

Through observing and imitating, every student incorporates the lesson. By coordinating movement and breath, fluctuating body tension and relaxation, one finds a balance of body and soul.

International trainings in various locations take place every year. So will for instance Hanshi Fujimoto-Stock lead the summertraining in Tittling and the special training in Mexico in September.

It is possible to start training at any time. There are no prerequisites to begin, other than being prepared and eager to enter new ground.